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Regardez la chimie!Sehen Sie die Chemie an!la quimica


Doxorubicin - Red coloured anthracycline traditionally used in chemotherapy; doxorubicin hydrochloride salt is given to patients

Stoodley's Diene used in anthracyclinone synthesis and Diels-Alder chemistry

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Organic Chemistry, programming, cinema, world travel, mountain walking, enjoy French food.

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HOMO of Danishefsky's Diene

DNA (5'-D(CpGpApTpCpG)-3') Complex With Daunomycin

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What's New! A book chapter has recently been published: Miller, J.P. In Recent Advances in Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reactions in Advances in Chemistry Research; Taylor, J.C.; Ed.; vol. 18, Nova: New York, 2013, pp. 179-220. (ISBN: 978-1-62257-911-2)

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