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Jonathan Paul Miller

U.K. mailing address/phone
available upon request.


Strongly analytical, resourceful, dedicated, innovative and creative thinker who enjoys new challenges. Self-motivated with a good sense of humour and good team player.


▪ Organic chemist (Doctorate level).
▪ Experience in spectroscopy and H.P.L.C.
▪ Research abilities (interests include general chemistry, organic chemistry, biological/medicinal chemistry, education, chemical education).
▪ Widely computer literate, including design programmes.
▪ Supervisory, some management and teaching/instructing experience.
▪ Target-based approach to work ethic including collaboration.
▪ Good communicator.
▪ Knowledge of French and basic Mandarin.
▪ Health & Safety and Q.A. knowledge.


2007-8 Cambridge International Centre, High School Affiliated to Renmin University Haidian District, Beijing, P R China.

- Teacher of CIE IGCSE, A/S and A Level chemistry to Chinese students in English following the CIE syllabus. Also marked internal examinations and summarised the students' performance in reports. College website

2006-7 U-Link College of International Culture, South China Normal University Tianhe, Guangzhou, P R China.

- Teacher of Cambridge International Examinations A/S and A Level chemistry to Chinese students in English following the CIE syllabus. Also prepared and marked internal examinations and summarised the students' performance in reports. College website

2005-6 Harbin Normal University, Star College Harbin, P R China.

- Teacher of classroom English to college students.
Assistant teacher of Cambridge International Examinations A Level chemistry and physics to Chinese students in English following the CIE syllabus.College website

2004-5 Top English School Bialystok and Gdansk, Poland.

- Teacher of conversational English (Callan Method).

2004-5 University of Bialystok Poland.

- Correct the English of scientific publications for the Institute of Chemistry & Biology via email.

1998-2002 Various roles away from the laboratory or non-scientific, for example office admin and voluntary website development in the UK

1997Genzyme (UK) Ltd, Suffolk - Process Development Chemist (Agency work).

- Researching amino acids (incorporating sugar chemistry).

- Presenting reports to Management.

1995-1996 Post-doctoral research for a Food Flavouring company in France.

- Working at the I.S.M.R.A. (part of the University of Caen) required to discover a new laboratory route to a major component of a roast beef food flavour.

- Latest synthetic organic chemistry techniques used.

- Regular (three-monthly reports) presented to industrial partners and discussions conducted in French.


2003 ITC TEFL Certificate Madrid, Spain. One month's intensive course to qualify me to teach EFL internationally. Emphasis on teaching grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and reading/writing/listening to all levels of English students with classroom practice.

1998 Attended a C computer programming course at Oxford House College, London.

1994 Ph.D. degree obtained from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in the area of organic chemistry; title of thesis, Asymmetric Synthesis of Anticancer Anthracyclines. Latest theoretical and practical organic chemistry techniques learnt to enable stereoselective routes to be devised. Participated in discussion groups, seminars and colloquia. Regular sixth-monthly reports prepared during the research.

1990 B.Sc. degree obtained from U.M.I.S.T. in chemistry. Specialisation: organic and organometallic chemistry.

1. A Life of Magic Chemistry (reflections on the life and achievements of Prof. George A. Olah, chemistry Nobel Laureate), British-Hungarian Fellowship, London, 2000.
2. Synthesis of Anticancer Anthracyclines (based on PhD thesis), University of Bialystok, Poland, 2004.

Publication (J.P. Miller, Adv. Chem. Res., 2013, 18, 179-219; eBook version).

An advanced high school/college chemistry book is available for download (Kindle format) from the Amazon store. It is suitable for quick revision purposes focusing on A Level.

I may be able to offer some consultancy or chemistry tutoring services (high school or university level) depending upon location or online.



1. Prof. Richard Stoodley,
(Ph. D. Supervisor),
Faraday Building (Room C8),
University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
Manchester M13 9PL,

Tel. 0161 200 4501; Fax 0161 200 4436;
[Now Emeritus Professor, but unable to provide direct reference]

2. Dr. Peter McDonnell,
(Pilot Plant Manager),
Genzyme (UK) Ltd,
37 Hollands Road,
Suffolk CB9 8PU,

3. Dr. Serge Masson,
(Director of Research),
Laboratoire de Chimie Moleculaire et Thioorganique (LCMT),
Institut des Sciences de la Matiere et du Rayonnement (ISMRA),
(UMR 6507 CNRS),
6, Boulevard du Marechal Juin,
F-14050 Caen,

Tel. 00 33 2 31 45 28 92; Fax 00 33 2 31 45 28 77

Click here to read about thio-organic laboratory at ISMRA

Serge Masson's chemistry in English (temporary site):
Serge Masson

Jonathan Miller, September 1998

A newer photo of me taken May 2002

Guilin (~5 Mb)
high-school experiment (~5 Mb)

Note: For international calls to the United Kingdom, omit first '0' digit, before communication. Thanks due to Julie Franklin CChem MRSC, Professional Services Officer of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, for adding suggestions to the improvement of this C.V. and of course my mother, father and academic superiors/colleagues for helping me through my studies and through support. In the U. K., there appears to be a large number of experienced, highly motivated and talented post-docs/PhDs around, so competition is high for synthetic organic chemistry research positions. In today's economic climate, jobs are scarce (especially in industry), supply outweighs demand and recruiters can afford to be picky; you may have to be prepared to go to other countries/cultures. This report may be of interest. The award winners always do well (undergraduate to research-funding/prize winners -> tomorrow's research directors or professors), what about the rest? I'm not putting you off, but think carefully about all this before committing yourself to a PhD (and academic way of life) and what you may be doing, say, ten years down the line. Having said that, opportunity has to be made available for that gifted and special person and understands how involving scientific research is.

You may also be interested in a similar report for medicinal chemists.

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