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[You will need a Java capable browser to view this applet]

Click here to download some JSP files for use in website server technology. Unzipped files with the *.java extension can be opened with Windows Notepad. You must have a Java server such as Tomcat available from the Jakarta Project at Apache.

Tomcat Server from Apache

More information about Java Server can be found reading the book "Pure JSP Java Server Pages", James Goodwill, Sams Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0-672-31902-02 or visiting the Java Oracle website for Java technology. Assuming you compile with JDK 1.5+, type-safe Java Generics is king of code! For example, the code snippet: ArrayList<Time> MyTime = new ArrayList<Time>(); tells the compiler that ArrayList MyTime can only contain a generic type Time or an error is thrown. As you're probably using JDK 1.8+, simplifying code with lambada expressions (where appropriate) are becoming the norm. Be prepared to be asked about all this at interview!


Play Gecko, Connect 4, or Interactive head game.

Java applets to add to your pages and tutorials to view

Servlets run inside a Java-enabled web server, e.g. Apache Tomcat.

model-view-controller architecture

Finally, download my networking executable programme and unzip.

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